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The formal requirements for  the breach notifications of the Code of Ethics are set out in Article 24 of the Code, according to which:

Breach notifications must be filed in the written form with the signature of the official representative and include the following information:

  • name of the person filing the breach notification- Personal data of the submitter of the breach notification, his/her exact postal address, e-mail address, and if necessary, fax number.
  • name of the enterprise in alleged violation of the Code. In every case referred to in the notification, the name of the company in alleged violation of the Code and the name of the relevant product or products.
  • reference material. In every case, evidence on the promotion or another activity that the notification is based on shall be presented in print or in another form.
  • date. The date of the alleged breach of the Code.
  • Content of the notification. For every case, a short description of the breach with a reference to the Section or Clause of the Code, whose violation the notification addresses, must be given.

All notifications shall be addressed to: Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Estonia

Hobujaama 4
10151 Tallinn

The Code can be found here.